New Product Launch Strategy

Through a holistic approach, our main objective is to position your brand on the top search on Amazon. The strategy focuses on creating relevant product content (titles, bullet points, description, A+ content and images), SEO and product merchandising.  

The strategy also includes: when to advertise and how much to invest, when and what tool to use to increase conversion rates (i.e. coupons, discounts off retail price & lightning deals) and a recommendation of Amazon programs fit for your brands (i.e. subscribe & save and the single pallet ordering program).

International Expansion

Pericles’ expertise covers North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), with the US making up for about 90%, while Mexico is one of the fastest growing countries in Latin America, whose warehouses cover shipments going to Central America. Acting fast is key to success in emerging markets with little competition in each product category. Our team of bilingual Amazon experts will support you by recommending an expansion strategy and its proper implementation.