Improve your brand's discoverability.

Improve the pace at which your brands are converting
through our customized services:

Product Description

A key element on how Amazon’s search algorithm works is the product page’s content. We look into your listings to guarantee they are the most relevant on the product search.

This includes an initial assessment of the product catalogue’s conversion rate followed by an action plan that tackles: optimization on product titles, bullet points, item description, product images and product variations.​

Product Reviews Optimization

There are two main reasons product reviews matter on Amazon:

   1. To get your brand higher in the product search ranking and

   2. To convert views into sales we create a customized optimization strategy tailored to the challenges facing each brand. The outcome is an increase in reviews through a mixed strategy that combines paid and organic reviews.

Product Imaging

“Optimizing your Images can help you increase views for your products with quality images that follow Amazon & Walmart guidelines.”

“Pericles is a one-stop-shop to create high-quality Amazon compliant assets and lifestyle images for your products. Showcase your product’s key features from every angle through Amazon tailored photography. Our team of photographers, graphic designers and ecommerce experts combined skills will create optimal images
for your listings.

Our services include: product shots with white background, lifestyle images, model photo shoot and edited images highlighting key features. Our product photography service also includes a research on Amazon on your product’s category in order to create relevant and tailored assets for that specific Amazon competitive environment.”

Amazon SEO

Improve your brand’s organic discoverability through keyword search. Amazon’s keywords are constantly changing and need to be updated regularly to match with your brand’s features.

A+ Content

(Enhanced Product Content)

Amazon’s A+ content manager is a fantastic tool to add rich content to the product’s detail page that showcases your brand and educates customers about key product features and benefits.

We recommend showcasing enhanced product content on the complete product assortment. A+ content improves product discoverability and aids conversion.

Amazon Marketing Services

(AMS) Campaign Management

Listings on the first page get over 80% of the sales. 

To get your brands on the first page, we build a strategy based on your product assortment’s variables (seasonality, availability, sales target etc.). Next we determine relevant keywords for your brands.

The display advertising management service is ideal for Brands in a competitive enviroment looking to position their brand(s) on the top search on Amazon.

Brand store

Enhance your brand experience on Amazon with the Amazon Brand Store. We look into your Brand’s current website and cross-reference the “look and feel” with Amazon’s tools to tell your brand story and showcase your brand in action.

Help shoppers discover your product portfolio and related products on Amazon and use the stores’ insights to optimize ad campaigns. The stores’ insights provide a powerful understanding of the stores sales and traffic sources. Based on this data we recommend key actions to take your brand on Amazon to the next level.​

Get started on Amazon with the right foot. Our services include:

New Item Setup

Choosing the best product category to list your brands is crucial for a successful launch on Amazon.

Our team of experts will look closely at your product catalogue and determine a strategy for setting up the new items on their optimal product category.

Whether it’s matching an existing product listing or if you are creating a new product listing, we will list the item(s) on Amazon on your behalf. These includes:

  Product Details: product name (title), brand, category, description, and images.

  Offer Details: Price, quantity and shipping options.

  Keywords and search terms: Strong keywords to help make your listings easier for buyers to find. 

New Product Launch Strategy

Through a holistic approach, our main objective is to position your brand on the top search on Amazon. The strategy focuses on creating relevant product content (titles, bullet points, description, A+ content and images), SEO and product merchandising.  

The strategy also includes: when to advertise and how much to invest, when and what tool to use to increase conversion rates (i.e. coupons, discounts off retail price & lightning deals) and a recommendation of Amazon programs fit for your brands (i.e. subscribe & save and the single pallet ordering program).

International Expansion

Pericles’ expertise covers North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), with the US making up for about 90%, while Mexico is one of the fastest growing countries in Latin America, whose warehouses cover shipments going to Central America. Acting fast is key to success in emerging markets with little competition in each product category. Our team of bilingual Amazon experts will support you by recommending an expansion strategy and its proper implementation.

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